Edible Fractions

Baking with Maths

Baking with children is a great way for them to develop their maths skills. Measuring and weighing ingredients, telling the time, setting the temperature. Pick a simple recipe like cupcakes or brownies, let them read through a couple of times, this teaches them to follow direction and be independent. Hands on baking encourages the development of confidence and skill.

  • Reading a recipe develops their vocabulary
  • Counting the number of ingredients needed and people to feed
  • Show them how a scales works and the different measurements, grams vs ounces
  • Timing is very important in baking you don’t want over or under baked cakes and cookies!!. Show them on the clock how to set the amount of time they need to bake their cakes,
  • How to double or halve a recipe to suit.
  • Fractions, show them using teaspoons and cups for measurement, also how to cut a cake into x amount of portions.
  • Finally, have fun with it, you will be surprised how much they are learning and absorbing by partaking in this fun activity.
Edible Fractions
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